How To Replace the Whirlpool Refrigerators Filter

How To Replace the Whirlpool Refrigerators Filter

Every six months, you will need to replace your Whirlpool filter. To remind you, the filter light will turn from red to blue. But what is the right way to change a Whirlpool filter?

These are the steps to replace the filter in your Whirlpool fridge:

  1. Prepare the new filter by removing plastic around O-rings
  2. Follow the arrows to align the filter with your fridge
  3. Drain the filter by removing four gallons of water
  4. Reset the filter warning light

Replacing filters is one of the most basic elements of fridge maintenance. If you don’t do this, you will end up with odd-tasting water, as the filter can no longer remove minerals. Keep reading to learn the basics of removing and replacing a Whirlpool filter.

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Remove the Old Filter

Where the water filter is stored will depend on the model you have. It will either be the base of the fridge grill or inside the fridge, in the top right-hand corner.  You can turn the owner’s manual if you cannot find the filter’s location.

Once you’ve found the location of your filter, lift or push open the filter panel (depending on the model), hold the base of the filter, and slide it out of the panel.

Ordering the Replacement Filter

The next thing you need to do is order the replacement filter. Here are some steps you need to follow to do this:

  1. Find the filter model number
  2. If you can’t find this, you can use the fridge model
  3. Type this into the Whirlpool website
  4. Order the new filter. If you prefer, you can even set up an auto-renewal, which sends you a new filter every six months.

It should be noted that you might be able to find a compatible filter through a third-party website. If you are taking this approach, it’s best to choose a reputable brand.

Once you have ordered the new filter, you can discard the old one. However, some models have a colored cap on top of the filter. If this is the case, you should remove this cap and store it safely. If this is your first time using the water dispenser, the cap will already be inside the fridge. The rest of the filter can be discarded.

Prepare the Filters

Often, there will be some plastic around the O-rings, to prevent the component from becoming damaged during transit. In this case, you will need to remove the plastic. This allows the O-rings to form a tight seal with the fridge.

Inserting the Filter

Depending on the model, there might be a small cap. You will need to screw this onto the top of the new filter. Then, you can insert it into the fridge.

Here are the steps to follow during this process:

  1. Open the filter panel.
  2. Prepare the area. Sometimes, there might be a little water spilled when you are changing the filter. Because of this, you might want to put down a towel under the filter panel.
  3. Align the filter. There will be an arrow on the filter, to show you the right way to slot it into the panel.
  4. Insert the filter. You should feel it slot into place and hear a click. If you don’t hear this, don’t worry. Some filters need to be turned clockwise before they lock into place.
  5. Check the filter. Before you move to the next step, check the filter to make sure that it is in place correctly.

Drain the Filter

Draining the filter will remove any air that remains in the line. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Place a cup against the dispenser button. Hold for three to five seconds, then release the button. It will take a while for the air to be removed. At first, it’s common to only get a few drops, before the air clears and the water starts flowing normally.
  2. Remove four gallons of water. You shouldn’t drink the first four gallons.

If possible, wait for a few hours until you start to use the water dispenser. This gives the water some time to cool, so you can enjoy a cold drink.

Resetting the Change Filter Light

After you have finished replacing the filter, there will still be a change filter light showing on the front of the fridge panel. In this case, you will need to reset the filter. To do this, you will need to push the filter button and hold for three seconds. You will hear a beep and the light will change from red to blue.

Unlocking the Water Dispenser

Whirlpool fridges have a lock function, which stops water flowing to the dispenser when you are changing the filter. This ensures that the water doesn’t create a mess in your fridge.

You can activate the lock at the start of the process. You just need to press and hold the lock icon for three to five seconds. You should hear a beep and the lock icon will light up. When you have finished changing the filter, hold the lock icon for three to five seconds and wait for the beep. The lock will deactivate and you can use the dispenser again.

Troubleshooting Other Issues After Changing a Filter

If you are still having issues with your filter, there are a few things that you can try:

  • Filter light is on. As we mentioned, this doesn’t always go off automatically after you have replaced the filter. You will need to reset the indicator. If the light comes on after working for a few months, it means that you need to reset the filter. You will need to do this every six months. Though, if you have a lot of minerals in your water you might need to replace the filter more frequently. In this case, you will often notice a reduction in the water flow. This shows that the filter is clogged.
  • Kinks in the line. Sometimes, you might notice that the water isn’t flowing smoothly or that you aren’t getting ice. This can indicate a kink in the water line. To do this, you might need to pull the fridge forward, so you can access the line at the back of the unit.
  • What to do when you have a clogged filter. Occasionally, you will have a clogged filter, causing poor water flow. While you might have ordered a new one, it can still take a few days to arrive. In this case, you can remove the filter. This will put the fridge into bypass mode, so you can still enjoy a cool drink. But will have a higher load of minerals in it than you are used to.

Final Thoughts

Your filter is critically important to the operation of your fridge. It helps to remove the minerals from your water, so it’s safe to drink. Once it gets to the end of its life, it will often be clogged up. Thankfully, removing and replacing a filter is easy. You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes.

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