Why Are Kinetico Water Softeners So Expensive?

Why Are Kinetico Water Softeners So Expensive?

There are plenty of brands of water softeners on the market. But one of the most popular options is Kinetico. While they have a strong reputation, they can also be quite costly. So, why are Kinetico water softeners so expensive?

Kinetico water softeners are sold by a local salesperson which requires a home inspection and formal quote. Furthermore, they have cultivated a strong brand name, which allows them to charge a premium for their products. Since parts are proprietary, a qualified Kinetico technician is needed to maintain the device.

One of the biggest downsides of the Kinetico brand is how expensive they are. With such an investment, you want to be sure that you are choosing something that will last for a long time. Read on to learn more about these types of water softeners and whether they are worth the money.

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What Factors Make Kinetico Water Softeners So Costly?

There are several reasons why you can expect to pay more for a Kinetico water softener than you would for other options on the market. These include:

  • Brand name. Over the years, Kinetico has built a reputation for providing high-quality products. As a result of such a strong brand, they can afford to charge a premium for access to their water softeners.
  • Lack of DIY installation. When you purchase a Kinetico product, you will need to have a professional install it for you. Technically, you can save some money by installing it yourself. But this can mean that you won’t be covered by the warranty.
  • Sales method. Kinetico doesn’t sell directly to the public. To obtain a Kinetico system, the salesperson has to come to your house and discuss your needs first. This gives them a better idea of the type of water softener you need. But it can also make it easier for them to upsell you, especially if you haven’t done some prior research.
  • Tough to find pricing details. You will need to wait for the salesperson to give you a quote. The costs of the Kinetico systems can’t be found on their website.
  • High-quality parts. Kinetico systems are built to last for a long time. This will be supported by a strong warranty. Many parts can be covered for between five to ten years, depending on the model you select.

Ongoing Costs of Owning a Kinetico

You don’t have to consider the costs of buying and installing the machine. You will also need to take the ongoing costs into account. Here are some of the factors to consider in this area:

  • Have to go through Kinetico for repairs and replacements. If you have any issues, you will need to go through a Kinetico repairman. This ensures that your warranty is maintained.
  • Expensive parts. If you do need to purchase a replacement part, it can be quite a costly experience. Plus, there is a range of proprietary parts, which can only be sourced through Kinetico. This means that you don’t buy and install them yourself.

On a brighter note, though, Kinetico systems are praised for their efficiency and the company claims that it will be cheaper to run than buying bottled water.

Read my article about the maintenance requirements of Kinetico water softeners.

Other Elements That Affect the Cost of Installing the System

There are a few other elements that will impact the costs associated with purchasing this system:

  • Type of water softener. There are three models within the Kinetico range. The Essential model is the most affordable, but it does have a more limited range of functions. Though more expensive products, the Signature and Premium will offer 24/7 access to soft water.
  • Number of soft water softeners. Sometimes, you might want to have one outlet in the kitchen. At other times, though, you might prefer to have numerous outlets throughout the house.
  • How hard the water is. The Kinetico salesperson will test your water. This allows them to determine which softener will best suit your needs.

How Much Does A Kinetico Water Softener Cost?

As we mentioned, it is very difficult to predict the amount that you will need to pay to install a Kinetico water softener. This is because a salesperson needs to come to your house, assess your needs, then make a quote. Plus, the systems aren’t sold direct and Kinetico doesn’t list any prices on their website.

However, it’s estimated that the systems will cost between $500 to $5,000, depending on the option that you select. Plus, each of them comes with a robust warranty policy.

For comparison, we can look at some of the other brands on the market and how much they are charging for their products. The average amount cost of a water softener is $1,500.  Though they can go up to $6,000 for a premium system.

Is A Kinetico Water Softener Worth It?

Due to their high cost, it’s important to consider whether it’s worth investing in a Kinetico system. Let’s start by looking at some of the benefits that you should bear in mind:

  • These systems will be able to last for a long time, often with an extensive warranty system. It’s not uncommon for these products to last for 15 to 20 years.
  • High performance. The Kinetico water softener offers exceptional filter performance to ensure smooth access to soft water.
  • Easy to run. This system doesn’t require the use of electricity, lowering the operating costs.

However, there are also a few downsides to consider, these include:

  • Reliance on local salespeople. You can’t order the systems yourself or get any replacement parts. This means that you will need to rely on local technicians to help you solve any problems.
  • Replacement parts are expensive. If the part isn’t covered by the warranty, you will need to pay for it yourself. Since most parts are proprietary, this can be a big expense.

If you choose a Kinetico water softener, though, you are generally in good hands. They have a strong reputation for providing excellent products and most customers are satisfied with the experience. Plus, while they might be a little more costly than their competitors, they still provide good value for money.

Final Thoughts

Kinetico water softeners can come with a premium price tag. But they aren’t overly expensive when compared to the rest of the market. The sales approach, which requires you to buy through a salesperson, rather than through a website, makes it harder to compare the costs. Because of this, it’s best to do some research before reaching out for a quote, to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

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