Is Smart Water Good for You: 5 Important Benefits Due Other

Is smart water good for you, and is it as exceptional as it is claimed? Let’s not waste any time and figure it out together! Read on to know whether this bottled water brand will benefit you, its highlights and health advantages, and possible alternatives.

Quick Answer

Smart water is marketed as a superior alternative to regular bottled water. But how true is this? Here is a quick answer:

  • It contains added electrolytes which increase hydration levels as compared to regular water.
  • It doesn’t have artificial flavor, sugar, or calories, making it a healthier alternative.
  • It is free from common allergens. However, this applies to regular water in general.
  • It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, beneficial effects against disease, and general well-being. 

But that’s not all. Keep reading to learn more about smart water, its ingredients, available flavors, and many others!

What Is Smart Water? 

Smart water is a brand name for vapor-distilled spring water. It was created by Energy Brands, Inc., known as Glaceau smart water, in 1996.

The name Glacéau may still appear on specific plastic bottles, although Energy Brands, Inc no longer owns the company. Coca-Cola paid a whopping $4.1 billion to acquire the company in 2007.

What Is Smart Water?

The general features of smart water include:

  • During its production, water is purified involving the hydrologic cycle and added electrolytes before bottling.
  • Has a natural pH of 7. Although this is standard, filtered tap water and some bottled water may have slightly different pH levels.
  • It is sold in BPA-free, recyclable plastic bottles.


The components of smart water are as follows, each measured per liter of pure distilled water:




15 milligrams

Potassium carbonate

10 milligrams


10 milligrams

However, there are different types of flavors of smart water which I’ll discuss later in the article. Here’s a quick illustration table showing the various flavors, ingredients, and electrolytes in each:

The flavor of smart water


Electrolyte sources

Original smartwater

Vapor-distilled Water

Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Potassium Bicarbonate

Smartwater flavors

Natural flavors like pineapple kiwi flavor and vapor-distilled water

Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium Bicarbonate


Natural flavors, distilled water through vapor

Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Potassium

Smartwater alkaline 9+Ph

Vapor distilled Water

Potassium Bicarbonate, and Calcium Chloride

Smartwater antioxidant

Vapor distilled water

Sodium Selenate, calcium, magnesium, and Potassium

Is Smart Water Good For You?

Smart water, like any other drinking water, is good for the body. But it is more effective at rehydrating the body than plain water. This is because it contains electrolytes that help in quick absorption and keep you hydrated for longer.

Is smart water good for you?

Generally, drinking smart water is good because:

  • The electrolytes help regulate the body’s fluid levels.
  • It contains no added sugar, sodium, gluten, fluoride, or genetically modified organisms. 
  • Neither the flavors nor the colors are artificial.
  • No common allergens are present. 
  • Smart water alkaline does not contain harmful chemicals.

Is It Healthy to Drink Smart Water?

In a word, yes! Smart water is an excellent way to replenish fluids after exercise because of the electrolytes it contains. 

Unlike many still and carbonated soft beverages, you can relax and enjoy its crisp, refreshing flavor without worrying about introducing any questionable ingredients into your body. 

Who Should Drink Smart Water?

Smart water is suitable for many groups of people, such as:

Who Should Drink Smart Water

1. Those Watching Their Weight

If you’re looking for bottled water that won’t add unnecessary sugar and calories to your diet, go no further than smart water. It does not contain the following:

  • Sugar;
  • Caffeine;
  • Artificial sweeteners.

Because of this, it’s an excellent alternative for those trying to drink more healthfully. 

2. Athletes 

Athletes and energetic persons can also benefit significantly from taking smart water. Electrolytes, minerals, and other healthy elements are lost during intense exercise, but the boosted electrolytes can help replenish them.

As a result, you may have:

  • Less cramping;
  • Enhanced performance;
  • More sustained energy.
Smart Water for athletes

3. Eco-Conscious Consumers

Smart water is a fantastic option if you’re concerned about your environmental impact. It’s more eco-friendly since it comes in refillable plastic bottles and containers. This is an excellent advantage because less plastic will end up in landfills.

4. Anyone Looking to Increase Magnesium Chloride Intake

Smart water contains magnesium chloride, essential for your cells, bone, heart, and muscle. It also helps in improving the taste of the water.

Note: However, if you experience a critical deficiency, it is best to substitute it with natural foods such as spinach to get the full nutritional value of the component. Since you won’t consume plenty of the substance while drinking the water.

Does Drinking Smart Water Increase Your Intelligence?

Smart water will not increase intelligence. The focus of the product wasn’t on improving the mental capacity of its consumers but on finding ways to increase the usefulness of ordinary water. 

Smart Water Increase Your Intelligence

The brand name may mislead consumers into thinking that drinking water will increase their intelligence, but this is untrue. However, whether it’s regular or smart water, drinking is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps keep the body hydrated for optimal brain function. 
  • Mild dehydration and failure to drink water have been shown to adversely affect cognition, mood, memory, and alertness decline, as do energy and calmness. 
  • Headaches are another side effect of dehydration that can make it difficult to focus and dampen your mood.

Therefore, drinking smart water won’t improve your intelligence. However, if you want to feel alert and refreshed all the time, this water is your best bet.

What Are the Different Flavors of Smart Water? Do They Have Any Advantages?

In addition to the original smart water, there are four other varieties. Let’s take a look at them!

What Are the Different Flavors of Smart Water

1. Smartwater+

The bottled water known as smartwater+ clarity features green tea extracts and ginseng ingredients. Electrolytes are included as well. These are produced from a combination of potassium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride.


What are the benefits of ginseng and green tea in composition?

  • Ginseng: Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an antioxidant. Some research suggests it may even help the immune system.
  • Green tea: Antioxidants can also be found in green tea extracts. Scientists have shown that people who drink green tea tend to live longer than those who don’t.

Note: However, please note that this type of water is extremely rare nowadays in the market.

2. Smartwater Alkaline

The alkaline water produced by smart water systems has been ionized to a fundamental pH of 9+:

  • It is distilled and filtered water, much like the rest of their products.
  • The supplementary minerals will still be present in alkaline water, providing you with added health benefits.
Smartwater Alkaline

Important! Preliminary research suggests that drinking alkaline water can assist with acid reflux. However, the claims that alkaline water can slow aging, strengthen bones, and even kill cancer cells remain unproven.

3. Smartwater Flavors

Smart water flavored drinks can appear similar to much other water on the market, but it is not so. They’re winning because of the distillation process, the addition of electrolytes, and only natural flavors.  Some available natural tastes are:

  • Strawberry blackberry;
  • Cucumber lime;
  • Watermelon mint;
  • Pineapple kiwi.
Smartwater Flavors

Also, natural flavors undergo extensive processing before reaching the consumer.

4. Smartwater Antioxidants

Selenium has been added to smartwater antioxidant. This ingredient has the following health benefits:

  • Selenium has strong antioxidant properties;
  • It boosts immunity, hair, and nail health;
  • Supports and improves thyroid health.

Important! However, it’s unlikely that you’d acquire much of this antioxidant from a single bottle of water.Varied and healthy eating is still the best way to increase your antioxidant intake and enjoy the health benefits.

How Does Smart Water Compare to Spring Water and Bottled Water?

The main difference between smart water and other water is that most bottled water (except mineral water) contains no extra minerals or electrolytes. Since electrolytes are also lost in sweat, this makes smart water an even more effective method of rehydrating after strenuous exercise.

How Does Smart Water Compare to Spring Water and Bottled Water

However, remember:

  • It isn’t the only bottled water option available to shoppers with this objective. 
  • Regarding nutrition, it doesn’t seem to offer anything particularly novel or helpful over similar products.
  • Finding nearly identical bottled water from other companies for far less is possible if you’re on a budget.

How Does Smart Water Compare to Tap Water?

Compared to regular municipal tap water, smart water is superior because: 

  • Contaminants, including impurities and heavy metals, available in tap water have been eliminated, making the substance safer. 
  • The presence of extra electrolytes makes it a better means of rehydration.

Note: However, if you cannot access smart water, you can improvise by drinking water from the tap. Your own tap water can be purified with a quality water filter. Improve the flavor with some electrolyte-rich lime or lemon juice.

What Are the Smart Water Substitutes?

One of the main motivations for drinking bottled water is you might not feel secure using municipal tap water sources for untreated impurities and components.

Let’s discover some alternatives to smart water for individuals who desire more bottled water varieties with excellent quality!

1. Evian

Evian is a natural spring water brand sourced from the glacial plateau in the French Alps. Unlike smart water, it has a pH of approximately 7.2. It doesn’t contain added flavors, no sugar, with zero calories per 750 ml bottle.


Some of the naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes in Evian water include:

  • Magnesium;
  • Calcium;
  • Potassium;
  • Sodium;
  • Silica;
  • Bicarbonates;
  • Nitrates.

2. Aquafina

Aquafina is a product of PepsiCo, a known Coca-Cola competitor. For its production municipal tap water undergoes HydRO-7, a remarkably intricate filtration procedure. This process involves seven phases, including reverse osmosis, removing all the solids, and making it pure water for consumption.


There are some highlights of this water:

  • It has a pH level of around 6, placing it slightly on the acidic side.
  • Aquafina contains traces of potassium and sodium, giving it a slightly salty taste.
  • This filtered water also has Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to balance the bitter taste present in bottled water.

Note: Aquafina is non-carbonated water and is artificially sweetened with sucralose.

3. Voss

Voss originates in a Norwegian artesian well. Like smart water, Voss products don’t contain allergens. The company’s products are also vegetarian and kosher-friendly.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with some of its features:

  • During production, Voss water undergoes a triple distillation process and microfiltration and is preserved using nitrogen gas to meet its quality standards.
  • The water is generally free from sodium and lacks minerals contained in spring water.
  • It has a pH of 6.0.
  • You can enjoy Voss in glass or plastic bottles.

4. Natural Artesian Water from Fiji

Fiji is a renowned brand name. Pure water from an artesian aquifer located on the island of Viti Levu in Fiji gets filtered through volcanic rocks allowing it to gather natural minerals:

  • It has zero contaminants and is rich in minerals such as magnesium, silica, and calcium.
  • The quantity of arsenic per liter stands at 6.31 micrograms, making it safe for consumption.
  • It has a pH of 7.7 but is barely considered under the category of alkaline water.

5. Spring Water in Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley spring water doesn’t contain sodium and is rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium. It has a pH ranging from 7.3 to 7.7, thus falling slightly under the alkaline water scale.

Mountain Valley spring water

This spring water originates in Arkansas, where aquifers filter the water before its collected. The water is free from additives and chemicals.

6. Pure Life by Nestlé

Pure life water is sourced from wells or municipalities. It undergoes a 12-step quality process check, including demineralization and remineralization. 

When it comes to pH, it varies according to the source. Pure life from Lightwood has a Ph of 7.8, while that sourced from Oakwood has a pH of 6.5. It contains zero additives, including chlorine, and neither is it chemically treated.

Note: Not recommended for making formula for infants as it may contain high levels of sodium and sulfate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Smart Water Better for You Than Regular Water?

Smart water is better for you than regular water because it is rich in electrolytes. It also has a lower acidity level.

Does Smart Water Have Electrolytes?

Yes, smart water has electrolytes despite it not being a sports drink. It is one of the best electrolyte-rich drinks on the market.

Does Smart Water Work?

Yes, smart water works in terms of hydrating a thirsty person. It also helps to recover the lost electrolytes during workouts. 

Is Drinking Smartwater Better for You?

Yes, drinking smart water is better for you because it contains electrolytes and minerals with zero additives. Although it may not completely satisfy your hydration needs, it can be an excellent substitute for still or carbonated soft beverages loaded with refined sugar. 

Is It Safe to Drink Smartwater Every Day?

Yes, it is safe to drink smart water every day. Smart water is highly filtered and purified through reverse osmosis and ultraviolet treatment.

What Is Special About Smartwater?

Smart water is special because it’s pure, refreshing, and crisp, everything you could desire in bottled water. All this is thanks to cloud-inspired vapor distillation processes. It has added electrolytes for improved flavor, no added sugars, and barely any calories, thus making it a healthy beverage.

What Ingredients Are in Smart Water?

Ingredients that are in smart water include spring water, and electrolytes: magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate.

Is Smart Water Better Than Soft Drinks?

Smart water is better than soft drinks when it comes to staying hydrated. Electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium, and calcium, found in this drink can aid with fluid replacement. These vital electrolytes are not present in usual soft drinks.

Who Should Drink Smart Water?

Smart water should be drunk by anyone looking to stay hydrated and get electrolytes and minerals lost through sweating. It is also suitable for those who love eco-friendly products since the plastic bottles used in packaging are BPA-free and 100% recyclable.

Why Is Smart Water Good for You When You Work Out?

Smart water is good for you when you work out because of the electrolytes it contains. It won’t make you gain weight because it’s low in fat and sugar and has almost no calories.

Is Smart Water Distilled?

Yes, smart water is vapor-distilled.

Where Does Smart Water Come From?

Smart water comes from spring water, which is distilled before electrolytes are added. The distillation process removes impurities notoriously present in regular tap water.


So, if you’re still in doubt smart water is good for you, don’t hesitate any longer. You should consider buying it because it is a great alternative to tap water available at a relatively affordable price compared to other premium bottled water.

It is rich in electrolytes, contributing to overall health benefits by quickening hydration. Additionally, it contains a lower acidity level making it good for your digestive system.

But if you still want to take advantage of the alternative, you can try Aquafina, Evian, Voss, Nestle Pure Life, Fiji, and Mountain Valley Spring Water.

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