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Amy Grant

Amy Grant
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Amy Grant has a degree in journalism and has worked as a freelance writer and author for more than 15 years. She is passionate about clean drinking water and has written many articles on this subject.

Throughout her career, Amy Grant has been invited to participate in numerous shows, events, and conferences to share her expertise in environmental journalism and her passion for clean drinking water advocacy. Some of the notable shows and events she has been a part of include the International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2022, World Water-Tech North America in 2022, and the Water and Health Conference in 2021.

World Water Congress & Exhibition
International Water Association World Water Congress & Exhibition, 2022

Amy enjoys hiking and water skiing with her husband and is grateful to have the opportunity to help others learn more about the importance of clean drinking water.


Clean Water Now Campaign


2004 – 2008

  • Collaborated with Clean Water Now to develop communication strategies for their awareness campaigns.
  • Authored campaign materials, including brochures, website content, and social media posts, which played a crucial role in their successful fundraising efforts.


Environmental Correspondent

2008 – 2013

  • Served as the Environmental Correspondent at EcoWatch, covering a wide range of environmental issues, with a specific focus on water-related topics such as contamination, conservation, and access to clean water.

National News Network (USA)

Environmental Correspondent

2014 – 2017

  • Covered major environmental events and issues as a correspondent, with a specific focus on water-related crises, climate change, and conservation.
  • Reported live from locations affected by water pollution and scarcity, raising awareness and driving discussions on the topic.


Writer and Author

2014 – 2018

  • Established a successful freelance writing career with a primary focus on environmental issues, especially clean drinking water.
  • Conducted in-depth research and interviews to produce high-quality, engaging, and informative content.
  • Utilized social media and online platforms to promote awareness and advocate for clean water initiatives.


Water Watch Magazine

2018 – 2021

  • Editor-in-Chief at Water Watch Magazine, overseeing all content related to water issues. 

Pure Water Blog

2021 – present

Author of a scientific and informational Internet journal

  • Passionate and experienced journalist and author dedicated to raising awareness about clean drinking water issues.


University of Massachusetts Amherst

B.S., Writing for Visual Media

1999 – 2004

  • Bachelor of Science in Writing for Visual Media, an independent concentration blending literature and multimedia studies, from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst

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