Brands of Bottled Water Without Fluoride

brands of bottled water without fluoride

Bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated and can be a fantastic option if you’re concerned about the safety of local drinking water. However, many citizens have expressed concern about fluoride in their water over the years. Are there brands of bottled water that are free of fluoride?

Aquafina, Nestle Pure Life, and Niagra are all brands of bottled water that contain no fluoride. Generally, filtered or distilled water is a good choice for consumers seeking fluoride-free bottled water, especially as most local water is heavily fluoridated.

Keep reading to learn more about the brands of bottled water that are free of fluoride and why fluoride is a concern for some consumers.

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Which Bottled Water Brands Contain No Fluoride?

Bottled water is a great option for those seeking to avoid elements that have been added to local drinking water or specific minerals found naturally in most tap water. Fluoride is one of those elements added to municipal water that a consumer may wish to screen out.

With all of the choices out there for bottled water, all of them claiming to be pure, which brands are best for those seeking to avoid fluoride?

Aquafina is a carefully purified and well-known bottled water brand that is hailed for its strict filtration process and lack of detectable compounds in the finished product. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking water free of fluoride as well as chloride and sulfate.

Nestle Pure Life is another brand that uses a very strict distillation and filtration process to remove fluoride from their finished bottled product. Nestle Pure Life is another excellent product with high standards, which regularly tests its finished water to ensure quality, safety, and levels of added compounds like fluoride that are either undetectable or well below FDA allowances.

Niagra Bottled Water is a third safe and high-quality choice for consumers seeking fluoride-free bottled water. Their intense and multi-step filtration process removes added or naturally-occurring compounds, such as fluoride, from the final product. Their testing standards are rigorous and frequent, making them a great choice for consumers concerned about fluoride in drinking water.

All of these brands are great choices for those wishing to eliminate fluoride from their drinking water. They’re also affordable, pure, and widely available. So what is fluoride, exactly, and why would anyone want to avoid it in their drinking water?

Brand Source Fluoride Content Purification Method
My Own Water Natural Spring/Alkaline 0 Natural Filtration/Customized
Evian French Alps Spring 0 Natural Filtration
Smartwater Municipal Water 0 Distillation
Aquafina Municipal Water 0 Purification
Icelandic Glacial Ölfus Spring 0 Natural Filtration
Dasani Municipal Water 0 Purification

Note: All brands claim to be free of fluoride in their bottled water.

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What is Fluoride and Why Is It in My Tap Water?

Fluoride is the ionized form of fluorine, a naturally occurring element. It occurs in very small quantities in natural water sources such as springs and rivers but is often found in very high, unnatural quantities in American and Canadian tap water.

In the early 1900’s it was discovered that children drinking from a natural source of water unusually high in fluoride had little to no tooth decay, in contrast to those children drinking other water sources.

Subsequent studies on fluoride revealed that it could be a good deterrent to cavities, and water in the United States began to be treated with high quantities of fluoride to help combat tooth decay in children. Other countries followed suit, and it became a generally accepted fact among the public that fluoride in water was healthy, safe, and an effective way to help children avoid cavities and dental health issues.

But studies and research conducted in more recent decades have raised concerns about whether the artificial fluorination of local drinking water is a good idea or if the above-average, long-term ingestion of fluoride may cause health problems or prove toxic.

This has led to a debate about how helpful fluoride in local tap water truly is and whether the benefits outweigh the possible risks. What might the health risks of long-time fluoride consumption be, and how should consumers protect themselves if worried?

Are There Possible Risks to Drinking Fluoridated Water?

While the debate rages about the risks vs. benefits of fluoride, some researchers worry that excessive fluoride in water can cause several health problems over time, especially in children whose bodies are too small to adequately process the element.

These negative health effects could include:

  • Nausea
  • Bones that are more prone to breakage
  • Damage to cells and the DNA involved in cellular repair
  • Kidney damage
  • Damage to brain cells and lowered intelligence

Each of these would be concerning by itself, but together, they make for some alarming possible risks. For those worried about fluoride toxicity, it is especially worrisome that there is no way to opt out of the fluoridation of tap water. It’s just in there, and consumers have no say in this.

So what options do you have? The simplest options involve drinking bottled water that is free of fluoride. While water filtration systems for homes exist, they are not always consistent in what they filter out, and your average home water filtration pitcher won’t eliminate fluoride. Bottled water is a faster and more convenient way to get safe drinking water at home and on the go.

This bottled water is also safe to cook in, brush teeth with, and gargle with, making fluoride-free bottled water a great option for the kitchen as well as in the bathroom for dental care.


For those with concerns about fluoride in their local tap water, Aquafina, Nestle Pure Life, and Niagra are all bottled water brands that are free of fluoride and safe to drink. Their rigorous distillation and filtration process makes them a safe and reliable source of delicious water free of added compounds or minerals.

Fluoride occurs in water naturally in very small quantities, but high amounts are added to city water in some countries. After some researchers concluded that fluoride could help prevent tooth decay, it was added in unnaturally high amounts to American and Canadian drinking water, which some researchers feel may be unsafe.

Possible long-term effects of over-exposure to fluoride can include nausea, kidney failure, fragile bones that are more prone to breakable, and cognitive damage or lowered intellectual abilities, especially in children. A simple solution is to buy safe and pure bottled water, which can be used at home as well and brought along on outings or when traveling.

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