Lead in Drinking Water – Top 50 Trusted Online References

Lead in Drinking Water - Top 50 Trusted Online References

Lead contamination in our drinking water is a national concern. Millions of Americans are at risk of drinking water with levels of lead above standards.

I’ve compiled a list of trustworthy resources to help you get more information about lead in drinking water.

If you have a good reference, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to this list.

US Environmental Protection Agency – Lead in Drinking Water

The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) is the federal authority on environmental contaminants and our drinking water. This agency has a lot of extremely relevant and useful information about lead in drinking water. Everything from drinking water standards, regulations, how to treat lead in drinking water, and what the health risks are. Here are some of the best references I rely upon for lead in drinking water.

Basic Information about Lead in Drinking Water
This page has links to dozens of articles about lead in drinking water and the risk to human health.

Infographic: Lead in Drinking Water 
A great graphic showing the risks of lead and how to protect yourself from it.

Lead and Copper Rule
Learn more about the federal rule about lead and copper in drinking water.

Protect Your Tap: A Quick Check for Lead
This interactive tool helps you identify what lead pipes look like and whether you have them in your home.

Ground Water and Drinking Water
This is USEPA’s home page on groundwater and drinking water. Everything you need about lead in water can be found here.

Lead Service Line Replacement
Learn all about how to replace water pipes that contain lead.

Leaders in Reducing Lead in Drinking Water
Read and learn about USEPA’s commitment to protecting children and adults from the harms of lead in our drinking water.

Learn about Lead
Great primer about lead in drinking water from the USEPA.

Drinking Water Regulations
This is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the federal regulations that cover drinking water.


Center for Disease Control – Lead in Drinking Water

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the federal agency responsible for protecting the health of Americans. They conduct research, review public health data, and publish reports about a wide range of health issues. Here is a compilation of their reports and other information about lead in drinking water.

Lead in Drinking Water
This is the CDC’s home page for lead in drinking water. It has a lot of great information and links to other health agencies.

Lead and Drinking Water from Private Wells
The CDC did a comprehensive study on lead in private potable wells.

What Are U.S. Standards for Lead Levels?
The CDC compiled the federal standards for drinking water levels of lead.


State Government Resources – Lead in Drinking Water

Here are links to the state government’s health agencies and departments responsible for drinking water.

Wisconsin – Lead in Drinking Water

Maine – Lead in Drinking Water

Oregon – Lead in Drinking Water

Massachusetts – Lead in Drinking Water

Indiana – Lead in Drinking Water

Tennessee – Lead in Drinking Water

Michigan – Lead in Drinking Water

New Hampshire – Lead in Drinking Water

Connecticut – Lead in Drinking Water

Virginia – Lead in Drinking Water

California – Lead in Drinking Water

Minnesota – Lead in Drinking Water

Illinois – Lead in Drinking Water

New Jersey – Lead in Drinking Water

Georgia – Lead in Drinking Water

Vermont – Lead in Drinking Water

Rhode Island – Lead in Drinking Water

Colorado – Lead in Drinking Water

Pennsylvania – Lead in Drinking Water

North Carolina – Lead in Drinking Water

Oklahoma – Lead in Drinking Water

Texas – Lead in Drinking Water


Federal Government Agencies – Lead in Drinking Water

Federal agencies are a great resource for topics like public safety and drinking water contaminated by lead. Here are a few of the references that I use.

OSHA on Lead in Drinking Water

Canada – Lead in Drinking Water

Research Universities and Scientific Organizations on Lead in Drinking Water

Here are the top college and independent scientific organizations that I use when researching important topics like lead in our drinking water.

Lead Removal from Drinking Water:  Pour-Through and Faucet-Mounted Point-of-Use Devices

National Center for Healthy Housing – Lead in Drinking Water Toolkit

Clean Water Action: Lead and Drinking Water

Penn State Lead in Drinking Water

MWRA – What You Need to Know About Lead In Tap Water

APM Reports – Buried Lead How the EPA has left Americans exposed to lead in drinking water

MIT: A new method for removing lead from drinking water


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