Can I Use Filtered Water from Refrigerator for Formula?

Can I Use Filtered Water From Refrigerator For Formula

As a new parent, you want to do everything you can to provide the best care for your child. When it comes to feeding time, you may be wondering if filtered water from the fridge is safe to use for your baby’s formula.

Filtered water from the fridge is generally considered safe for consumption in baby formula for infants over 3 months. The water that comes into your house must be clean and safe because most refrigerator filters are not suitable for removing dangerous contaminants. You must replace the filter as recommended by the refrigerator manufacturer to ensure it is in good working condition and the water is suitable for mixing in baby formula. 

Filtered water is not only safe for your baby, but it is one of the best ways to prepare your babies formula. Read on for more information about using filtered refrigerator water in formula and how it compares to other water sources.

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Can Formula Be Made with Filtered Fridge Water?

Many families use water straight from the tap to make formula for their infants. As long as the water coming into your home is clean and pure, you can use it for your infant.

Filtered water from your fridge has been treated to remove chlorine, taste, and odors. So, if you have a fridge with a water filter, you can use the filtered water for your baby’s formula.

When preparing formula for your baby aged over 3 months it is important to check that:

  • The water filter is in good condition and the expiration date has not passed.
  • The water source to the fridge should be clean and free of contaminants.

It’s important to note that, in some cases, the tap water can contain impurities and contaminants that are harmful to your baby. In this case, you should not use the water for formula, even if it has been treated by your refrigerator filter.

Why Do I Need to Inspect the Water Filter in My Fridge?

It’s always preferable to use filtered water when making baby formula but be sure to check the fridge unit beforehand. Filtering water removes impurities which makes it safer for your baby to drink, but the filter mechanism must in good condition to work properly.

Regularly check the filter for any damage and make sure you only install filter parts well within their expiration dates.

To test whether your water filter is working properly, run a small amount of water into a glass and then check the water for any impurities by holding it up to the light. If you see a lot of floating particles in the water, you’ll need to replace the filter. Taste and odor are also good indicators of how well the filter is working.

Should I Check the Water Source to My Fridge Filter Before Using it?

When preparing baby formula, it is important to check the quality of your main water supply before using it. This is because impure or contaminated water can lead to health problems for babies. Even public water systems can have elevated levels of harmful chemicals.

There are a few things to look for when checking the quality of water.

  1. The water should be clear and free of any debris
  2. It should not have a strong odor.
  3. It should not taste strange.

If the water does not meet these standards, it should not be used to make baby formula. Contact your city or towns water department if the issue is ongoing.

If you get your water from a public supply, they are required to test their water regularly. Ask them for a copy of the latest water quality report.

How Often Should I Replace the Filter in My Fridge?

Every refrigerator manufacturer has a different recommendation for when to replace their filter. In general, you should replace the filter in your refrigerator every 2 to 3 months. Some refrigerator filters have a service life of 6 months. Check your fridge manufacturers manual for advice on your specific fridge model.

Always keep a fresh filter in your refrigerator and replace it as soon as it expires. This will ensure that your water is clean and free of contaminants. If you notice any changes in the taste or smell of your water, it is a good idea to replace the filter as soon as possible.

Is Using Filtered Water Safer Than Using Distilled or Boiled Water When Making Baby Formula?

When it comes to preparing baby formula, filtered water, distilled water, or cooled boiled water are all safe options.

Here are the pros and cons of each type of water choice.

Refrigerator filtered water


  • Provides a ready and abundant supply of filtered water as it is sourced directly from the house water supply.
  • Most modern refrigerators already have a built-in water filter system.
  • No heat or electricity is required during the filtration process.


  • Maintenance is required to keep the filter working at optimal levels.
  • Most refrigerator filters only remove chlorine, taste, and odor.

Distilled water


  • Generally acknowledged as the purest form of water filtration.


  • Requires the purchase of a water distiller which may take up more countertop space.
  • Production of water using a distiller is slow with a low output.

Cooled boiled water


  • No need to purchase any additional equipment and can be processed by anyone with a stovetop or kettle.
  • A good simple way to make highly purified water.


  • Boiling does not remove every contaminant.
  • Boiled water can cause injury during the boiling process if mishandled.
  • After boiling you must wait until the water has reduced in temperature which is a lengthy process.

So, while using any of these methods to prepare baby formula is safe, fridge filtered water is the quickest and most convenient option.

Can I Use Fridge Filtered Water for Babies Under 3 Months?

Yes, but the water must also be boiled to ensure a greater level of sterility. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), there are some groups of children who benefit from a more thorough purification method.

  • Babies who are less than 3 months old.
  • Premature babies.
  • Babies who have a weak immune system.

If your child falls into any of these groups, they should be given formula that’s made with boiled water to kill any bacteria. Water should be boiled and cooled before adding it to a clean bottle. Boiling fridge filtered water is an excellent way to prepare formula for these infants.


Filtered water from the fridge can be used for baby formula for children over 3 months. This is a convenient option for many parents and caregivers, as it is often easier to access than distilled water. If you have any concerns consult with a pediatrician to ensure that filtered water is appropriate for your child’s specific needs.

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