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Last Updated: December 7, 2023

What are the Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands to try? During my decade of experience in assessing water quality, I have been asked this question many times by people concerned about their health. If you are also one of those, you are reading the right blog post. Read on as I discuss the top 15 best brands along with their health benefits. So, without any delay, let’s head on to the next section!

Quick Answer

In my professional career, I came across various reputable alkaline water brands that are way better than tap water. Some of them include the following:

  1. Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water brand;
  2. SmartWater;
  3. Icelandic Glacial Natural Water;
  4. Bodyarmor Sportwater alkaline water.

However, the above list contains just a glimpse of water bottle brands. Continue reading below, where I’ll disclose 15 brands of the best alkaline water bottles and build a comparison between them. Also, get insight into the positives of Alkaline water. Let’s find out more. 

A Quick Comparison Of 15 Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands

Let’s quickly look at some important aspects of the 15 best alkaline water bottle brands!

Alkaline Water Bottle Brands

pH on pH scale

Water Source


Other Details


Purified by ionization

Citrus, Berry

Electrolyte alkaline diet




Vapor distilled


Natural spring water


Ethically obtained



Alkaline flavor

Electrolyte infused


Natural Spring Water

No flavor

High pH, Electrolyte infused







No flavor

Ultra-pure, Distilled 



No flavor

pH balanced



No flavor

Electrolyte added


Natural Florida spring water

No flavor

High pH


Natural artesian alkaline spring water

Cucumber, Strawberry, Peach

Electrolytes are added


Artesian alkaline spring


Naturally alkaline



Natural flavor

pH balanced


Natural spring water

No flavor

High pH


Natural spring water

100% recycled bottles

Filtered Through Volcanic Rocks

Which Are the Best Alkaline Bottled Water Brands?

After going through the quick comparison, now I will explore each Alkaline bottled water brand comprehensively. Let’s head on!

1. Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water

One of the most popular brands that work exclusively with alkaline water is Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water. Boasting a pH level of 9.5 or higher, this is some of the highest pH level water you can buy today. Essentia is specially formulated for maximum alkaline levels and is favored by athletes, especially competitive runners, and professional sportsmen.

Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water

2. Smartwater Alkaline

Smartwater Alkaline 9+pH Water is from the famous brand Smartwater, owned by Coca-Cola. This brand is known for being widely available and popular with younger adults and urban athletes. You’ll get 9 pH of alkalinity in every bottle, and a larger bottle size, making hydration on the go that much easier.

Smartwater Alkaline

3. Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water

Icelandic Glacial Water is perhaps the most prestigious offering, being 100% naturally alkaline glacial spring water from Iceland. The pH level is 8.4, making it naturally much more basic than typical spring water, and it’s rich in minerals and has a wonderful, crisp flavor.

Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water

Check out our article on the best spring water brands of bottled water.

4. Bodyarmor SportWater

Bodyarmor SportWater is another great choice, boasting a pH level of 9.0., and containing added electrolytes. This makes it a bit of a hybrid between water and a sports beverage, and the Bodyarmor label also makes sports drinks in a variety of flavors.

Bodyarmor SportWater

5. Ten Spring Water

Out of all the brands of bottled water, TEN Spring Water has the highest pH level of 10. It comes from natural springs and is treated with an advanced filtration process. Its high mineral and electrolyte content makes it a great choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Ten Spring Water

6. Good & Gather

With a balanced pH level, Good & Gather offers alkaline water that tastes crisp and refreshing. It comes from natural springs and doesn’t contain any artificial coloring or flavor. Moreover, to guarantee its quality and purity, it undergoes filtration processes.

Good & Gather

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, I recommend you buy this brand’s alkaline water.

7. Phure Alkaline Water

Phure is renowned for having alkaline water with a pH higher than 9.5. It has a clean, crisp taste and is free of fluoride, chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals thanks to a seven-stage filtration process. If you are looking for alkaline water with a higher pH, go for the Phure.

Phure Alkaline Water

8. Lifewtr Premium Purified Water

Lifewtr is well-known for its high-quality bottled water that has electrolytes added to improve flavor. Given its slightly alkaline pH of 7.4, it isn’t specifically marketed as alkaline water, but it does promise to provide you with a refreshing and well-balanced hydration experience.

Lifewtr Premium Purified Water

9. AQUAhydrate

This brand sells water with a pH of 9.5. They use special methods like RO and UV-C light to remove impurities and improve their water’s electrolyte content. It is intended to encourage a healthy lifestyle and assist hydration for those who lead active lives.


10. Evamor

Rich in minerals and electrolytes, Evamor is extracted from an artesian aquifer that is naturally alkaline. It is well-known for its crisp and smooth flavor and has a high pH level of 8.8. 

Flow Alkaline Water

I bought this alkaline water last week and had a wonderful experience with it. Totally worth it! 

11. Flow Alkaline Water

Flow alkaline spring water is sourced from a family-owned artesian spring and packed in environmentally friendly cartons. Its pH level is approximately 8.1 and it tastes clean and refreshing due to the presence of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes.

Flow Alkaline Water

12. Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water offers 8.2 pH alkaline water. It comes from underground springs that are protected and have an alkaline natural state providing a pure and smooth mouth feel.  Moreover, it has a fruit flavor which is loved by many consumers.

Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

13. Core Hydration

To attain a slightly alkaline pH of 7.4, Core Hydration is refined and balanced with minerals and electrolytes. With a crisp and clean flavor, it seeks to deliver you the ideal level of hydration. Moreover, thanks to its wide-mouth bottle, it’s convenient to drink on the go.

Core Hydration

14. Qure Alkaline Water

Qure keeps its potent and consistent 10 alkaline pH for up to two years when stored in a sealed bottle. It is obtained from pure springs and goes through 9 stages of purification to guarantee its smoothness and purity.

Qure Alkaline Water

15. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

The source of Waiakea is the Hawaii volcano Mauna Loa’s base. With an approximate pH of 8.2, this water is naturally filtered through volcanic rock and also has an award-winning crisp and clean taste. Moreover, the water is packed in 100% recycled bottles.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

All of these brands will cost you an average of $2.50 to $4 per 33 oz bottle and are available through brick-and-mortar retailers, online, and through the company’s official website. Buying in bulk or multipacks can help you save a bit of money and ensure that you always have bottled alkaline water on hand.

Perks Of Drinking Alkaline Water

I have enlisted some crucial advantages of alkaline water below. Read on to learn more:

  • Maintaining optimal pH levels in your body: You can maintain your ideal pH levels by regularly drinking alkaline water that balances out the acid in your body.
  • Improves hydration: Compared to ordinary water, alkaline water is thought to be more hydrating. Those who exercise frequently and need more water to stay hydrated can especially benefit from this.
  • Immunity booster: Alkaline water helps keep you healthier and less susceptible to illness by eliminating dangerous free radicals and strengthening your immune system.
  • Detoxification: Drinking alkaline water can help your body rid itself of toxins more successfully.
  • Slow down the aging process: Strong antioxidants found in alkaline water help prevent oxidative damage to cells, which slows down the aging process.
The biggest advantage of Alkaline water is that it provides natural minerals like Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Bicarbonate, or Calcium Chloride to your body and keeps the toxins at bay.Laura, a water QC expert at Water Labs

Who is Bottled Alkaline Water For?

Alkaline bottled water is great for active athletes, hikers, joggers, cyclists, and outdoorsmen. It’s also fantastic if you are both athletic and in a part of the country where local drinking water may be unsafe or contaminated.

It’s easy to carry with you, safe to drink, and can be taken on outdoor adventures as well as enjoyed at home. This can be especially helpful for rural athletes relying on well water and who spend days on end outside hunting, hiking, camping, or on mountain biking trips.

If you suffer from excessive stomach acidity, you may want to try alkaline water and see if you notice a reduction in acid reflux. Bottled alkaline water is also great for cooking in an emergency and can be used to boil, poach, or steam food. Keep some on hand just in case local water becomes unsafe or water infrastructure is damaged.

4 Handy Tips For Choosing the Best Alkaline Water for Your Needs

Whеn you purchasе thе bеst alkalinе watеr, it’s not еnough to just grab thе first bottlе you comе across.

4 Handy Tips For Choosing the Best Alkaline Water for Your Needs

You have to consider various factors likе pH lеvеl, sourcе, еtc. Hеrе arе somе guidеlinеs that can assist you in making an informеd choice:

  1. Understand the pH Level: When you buy yourself alkaline water, the first thing you should check is its neutral pH level. Usually, a level between 8 and 9.5 is ideal. Anything higher than this could be too alkaline and have negative effects. One of my roommates, Anna, bought Aquahydrate last week. It tastes pure and amazing, with a pH of 9.5.
  2. Search For Reputable Brands: Do your research and choose your water from reputable brands. Examine reviews and customer testimonials to learn about other people’s experiences using the product.
  3. Source of Alkaline Water: Another important factor is the water’s source. Some brands obtain their water from naturally occurring springs, while others use an artificial electrolysis process to make their water more alkaline. However, natural spring water is considered the best source. I recommend Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Alkaline Water if you are looking for water extracted from a natural source.
  4. Look For Additives: When purchasing your water, look for any additives. Make sure no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners are present in your bottled alkaline water.


What is the healthiest alkaline water to drink?

Essеntia Ionizеd Alkalinе Watеr is considеrеd onе of thе hеalthiеst alkalinе watеr to drink duе to its high pH lеvеl of 9.5 and ionizеd propеrtiеs. Because of this combination, it stands out as a high-еnd choicе for thosе looking for hydrating that supports an alkalinе and balancеd lifestyle.

What is thе bеst alkalinity for drinking watеr?

Thе bеst alkalinity rangе for drinking watеr should bе bеtwееn 30 and 400 ppm. According to the U.S. Environmеntal Protеction Agеncy (EPA), drinking water should have a pH of 6.5 to 8.5.

What is thе pеrfеct alkalinе watеr?

Thе Pеrfеct Alkalinе Watеr is madе from 100% natural spring watеr that goеs through naturalization without ionization, resulting in a naturally high alkalinе pH of 9.5. Morеovеr, it is also dеvoid of pollutants and hеavy mеtals.


Summing up, when it comes to buying the best alkaline water, it is always important to consider various factors such as pH level, water source, and additives. Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water, SmartWater Alkaline Water, and Icelandic Glacial Water are among the top choices, each offering special features. Bodyarmor Sportwater is another option, containing added electrolytes.

Moreover, bottled alkaline water is great for those living with unsafe drinking water and who are also athletic or enjoy the great outdoors. However, To choose a healthier form of hydration, give top priority to natural sources, and well-known brands.

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