The Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands to Try

The Best Alkaline Water Bottle Brands to Try

If you want to get healthier and drink more water, or if your local drinking water is unsafe and you’re using bottled water, you have plenty of options. But what are your options if you’re looking for alkaline water? What are the best alkaline water bottle brands?

The best alkaline bottled water brands include Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water, SmartWater Alkaline 9+pH Water, Icelandic Glacial Natural Water, and Bodyarmor Sports Water. All are high-quality alkaline water brands, though each offers something slightly different for the consumer.

Keep reading to learn more about the best alkaline bottled water brands, the benefits of alkaline water, and how to choose an alkaline water brand to meet your health needs.

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Which Are the Best Alkaline Bottled Water Brands?

The best-known and highest-quality alkaline water brands have a commitment to health and have worked over many years to deliver a superior and healthful product to the consumer.

Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water

One of the most popular brands which work exclusively with alkaline water is Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water. Boasting a pH level of 9.5 or higher, this is some of the highest pH level water you can buy today. Essentia is specially formulated for maximum alkaline levels and is favored by athletes, especially competitive runners, and professional sportsmen.

Smartwater Alkaline

Smartwater Alkaline 9+pH Water is from the famous brand Smartwater, owned by Coca-Cola. This brand is known for being widely available and popular with younger adults and urban athletes. You’ll get 9 pH of alkalinity in every bottle, and a larger bottle size, making hydration on the go that much easier.

Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water

Icelandic Glacial Water is perhaps the most prestigious offering, being 100% naturally alkaline glacial spring water from Iceland. The pH level is 8.4, making it naturally much more basic than typical spring water, and it’s rich in minerals and has a wonderful, crisp flavor.

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Bodyarmor SportWater

Bodyarmor SportWater is another great choice, boasting a pH level of 9.0., and containing added electrolytes. This makes it a bit of a hybrid between water and a sports beverage, and the Bodyarmor label also makes sports drinks in a variety of flavors.

All of these brands will cost you an average of $2.50 to $4 per 33 oz bottle and are available through brick-and-mortar retailers, online, and through the company’s official website. Buying in bulk or in multipacks can help you save a bit of money and ensure that you always have some bottled alkaline water on hand.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the major brands and their offerings let’s go over some of the benefits of alkaline water. What is it good for, and how can it help improve health?

13 alkaline bottled water brands

The following table lists the brands of alkaline bottled water and its pH. It is sorted by pH value.

Brand pH Level
TEN 10
Good & Gather 9.5+
Essentia 9.5
Phure 9.5
Lifewtr 9.5
Smartwater Alkaline 9+
BodyArmor SportWater 9+
AQUAhydrate 9+
Evamor 8.8
Icelandic Glacial Alkaline Water 8.4
Flow 8.1
Eternal Naturally Alkaline Spring Water 8.2
Core Hydration 7.4


What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is simply water that has a pH level of higher than 7.0. Most tap water and bottled water has a pH level of 7.0 or 7.5 and is perfectly safe to drink. But alkaline water is not only neutral but basic, having a pH level of at least 8.0.

This means that its properties may help neutralize the effects of harmful acids in the digestive and circulatory systems and may improve cellular function.

Many who drink alkaline water for its possible health benefits report feeling

  • More energized
  • Having greater stamina on the field
  • Greater athletic endurance during moderate, prolonged exercise
  • Better muscle recovery after a workout
  • Less frequent attacks of heartburn

Others report that drinking alkaline water after a serious workout can help their body recover faster and keeps cells feeling younger.

Some studies actually support the possible benefits of alkaline water in reducing excessive stomach acidity, and further research points to alkaline water being a possible aid in getting better quality sleep and boosting metabolism in older women.

Studies conducted on athletes also show signs that alkaline water consumption may improve hydration, reduce muscle and cellular fatigue during exercise, and improve muscle performance during a workout.

So now that we’ve seen some evidence of what alkaline water can do, who is it for, and who would most benefit from alkaline bottled water?

Who is Bottled Alkaline Water For?

Alkaline bottled water is great for active athletes, hikers, joggers, cyclists, and outdoorsmen. It’s also fantastic if you are both athletic and in a part of the country where local drinking water may be unsafe or contaminated.

It’s easy to carry with you, safe to drink, and can be taken on outdoor adventures as well as enjoyed at home. This can be especially helpful for rural athletes relying on well water and who spend days on end outside hunting, hiking, camping, or on mountain biking trips.

If you suffer from excessive stomach acidity, you may want to try alkaline water and see if you notice a reduction in acid reflux. Bottled alkaline water is also great for cooking in an emergency and can be used to boil, poach, or steam food. Keep some on hand just in case local water becomes unsafe or water infrastructure is damaged.


Bottled alkaline water is bottled water specially formulated to have a higher pH level. Popular and respected brands include Essentia Ionized Alkaline Water, SmartWater Alkaline pH9+ Water, and Icelandic Glacial Water. Bodyarmor Sportwater is another option, containing added electrolytes.

Alkaline water has been linked to helping athletes perform better on the field, reduced stomach acidity in those suffering from acid reflux, and improved metabolism and sleep in older women. It may also help keep cells optimally hydrated and efficient during athletic exertion and improve athletic stamina.

Bottled alkaline water is great for those living with unsafe drinking water and who are also athletic or why enjoy the great outdoors. Bottled alkaline water is easy to transport and carry and is perfect for camping, biking, and hiking trips. You can also boil, poach, and steam food in bottled alkaline water should local water become unsafe.

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